What is the Difference Between BS and BA Degrees?

What is the Difference Between BS and BA Degrees

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts are both degrees conferred on college graduates once they complete their four to five year academic program in accredited colleges that offer such degrees. But there are several differences between the two Bachelor degrees and some of them are listed below.


Bachelor of Science is an academic degree for undergraduates offered to college or university graduates on the successful completion of their four or five years academic programs in any science field of their choice. A Bachelor of Arts on the other hand is also an academic degree awarded to university or college graduates on the successful completion of their four or five year academic program in any art field of their choice.


The Bachelor of Science is abbreviated as B.Sc. or B.S. while Bachelor in Arts is abbreviated as B.A. or A.B.

Course Coverage

Bachelor in Science covers basic sciences also known as pure sciences while Bachelor in Arts covers all basic arts also known as foreign languages or humanities.

Focus Area

The Bachelor of Science degree programs focus on scientific researches, practical and experiments, while the Bachelor of arts degree programs focus on humanities, social sciences, literature and foreign languages.

Career Options

A Bachelor in Science holder may work in the research and development department of different organizations, while a Bachelor in Arts holder can work in departments that develop skills for critical and systematic thinking and may equally work in computer related fields, animation, software companies and several auditing firms.

Master’s Degree Options

Holders of Bachelor in Sciences can enroll for M.Sc. programs with emphasis on science theory all through their course years, while holders of Bachelor in Arts can enroll for an M.A. program with attention paid to social sciences, military studies, geography, languages, etc. all through their course years.

Curriculum Rigor

A Bachelor of Science program may be tough or easy depending on the student involved while a Bachelor of Arts degree program is known to be comprehensively easier to achieve.



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