Top Careers Requiring a Bachelor Degree

The Top Careers Requiring a Bachelor Degree

It may be a tough decision whether to go to college or not. Should you spend the money on a degree or just keep working and earning a living at the level you’re at? One thing is certain: There are several great careers that require a bachelor degree, and if your dream job is one of them, you should go for it. 

There are many careers that require a bachelor degree, but some are more popular, well known, and high paying than others. Computer software engineers, network systems & data communications analysts, elementary school teachers, and social workers are all jobs that require a bachelor degree and are fields that have added at least 8,000 jobs since 2008*.

Some of the highest paying jobs (based on their 2011 median hourly wages) that require a bachelor degree are natural science managers ($56.87 per hour); chief executives ($76.20 per hour); petroleum engineers ($53.62 per hour); engineering managers ($56.52 per hour); and computer and information systems managers ($54.99 per hour). Some of these high-paying positions, like chief executives, pay rates comparable to doctors and dentists but require much less schooling—a bachelor degree verses a doctorate degree, for example*.

Other top careers requiring a bachelor degree include airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers; marketing managers; financial managers; judges and magistrates; sales managers; nuclear engineers; aerospace engineers; physical scientists; human resources managers; and computer hardware engineers. The 2011 median hourly wages for these positions range from $45 to $53*. It is important to consider that while some of the manager positions do not require education higher than a bachelor’s degree, they often do require work experience. One often has to put in his time before rising up through the ranks.

The healthcare industry also has a slew of decently paying position that only require a bachelor degree. Some of these high paying positions are medical and health services manager, physician assistant, health educator, registered nurse, dietician, clinical laboratory technician, recreational therapist, biological technician, EMT and paramedic, and substance abuse counselor**.

In whatever field your passion lies, there is likely to be a position that requires a bachelor degree at some level in that industry, and it may be a very lucrative position. Bachelor degrees may be excellent investments in the future of your finances and the future of your occupational contentment. Before you know it, you may be on your way to a lasting, satisfying career.



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