Schools that Offer Bachelor Degrees in Mississippi

Schools that Offer Bachelor Degrees in Mississippi

There are several universities within the state of Mississippi which offer Mississippi bachelor degrees.

The first of which is the University of Southern Mississippi. *According to the official website for the University of Southern Mississippi,, this University of Southern Mississippi offers a very wide range of different areas of study which will all culminate in a bachelor's degree. Some of the diverse areas of topics at this University include art, anthropology, biological sciences, business administration, chemistry, child and family studies, communication studies, community health science, criminal justice, dance, economics, English, entertainment industry, finance, forensic science, geography, geology, healthcare marketing, history, human performance, and many others as well.

The second school to note which offers their students bachelor degrees in the state of Mississippi is Belhaven University. *According to the official website for Belhaven University,, Belhaven University offers bachelor degrees in many different areas of study. These areas of study include biblical studies, social services, interdisciplinary studies, business administration, health administration, as well as management. Belhaven University also offers students the chance to obtain a certificate in biblical studies, as well as their master’s degree in education, leadership, dance, public administration, etc.

When it comes to students obtaining bachelor degrees, the last school to take of note is Mississippi State University. Mississippi State University offers a variety of bachelor degree's to their students and mainly, the most popular major for the school is the political science major, according to the official Mississippi State University website,  Other bachelor degrees offered at Mississippi State University is the bachelor of music education as well as a degree in veterinary medical technology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in interdisciplinary studies (B.S.I.S). The B.S.I.S. degree is unique in the fact that it can be completed entirety online.



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