Schools that Offer Bachelor Degrees in Alaska

Schools that Offer Bachelor Degrees in Alaska

Being one of the youngest states in the Union, Alaska doesn't have schools with long traditions and reputations such as those found in other parts of the country.  Nonetheless, the institutions of higher learning within the state have proven themselves to be more than capable in providing quality instruction and education to thousands of students over the years. In fact, many of these universities and colleges have even earned high ranks and praise from educators and analysts alike. Here are four of the very best schools to choose from for students who are earning an undergraduate degree*:

The University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Fairbanks is the flagship campus for the public university system of the state. Notable undergraduate programs include ocean and fishery studies as well as mine engineering.  Bachelor degrees are also awarded in more traditional areas such as education, liberal arts, science, and agriculture. In total, 167 degree choices are provided. The school is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NCCU)**.

The University of Alaska, Anchorage

UAA has the highest enrollment of any other campus in the state system. Notable undergraduate programs include aviation technology and maintenance. Other areas where bachelor degrees are awarded include business, social work, engineering, science, and education among many others. In total, over forty different undergraduate degrees are offered through the school. Dozens of clubs and organizations, as well as ample research opportunities, ensure that undergraduates have a rich experience that balances well student life with the rigors of academic study. Like most of the top Alaskan schools of higher learning, it is also accredited by the NCCU and is a member of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities***.

Alaska Pacific University

APU is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Methodist Church. Located in Anchorage, it has a small student body of just over 700.  Bachelor degrees are offered in areas such as business, education, environmental sciences, liberal arts, outdoor studies, and more. Over a dozen different degrees are available to choose from. The school is accredited by the NCCU and is a member of the Council of Independent Colleges****.

Alaska Bible College

This private four year college is located in the small town of Palmer in the southern part of the state. Founded by missionaries in 1966, it is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. The school offers one bachelor program in Biblical Studies, with areas of emphasis available in pastoral studies, educational ministry, and missions*****. 



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