How to Earn a Bachelor of Teaching Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Teaching Degree

A bachelor of teaching degree is a great option for anyone that is interested in a career in education especially as a teacher. Earning a bachelor of teaching degree allows for students to increase their options after graduation as they may teach several different levels of education from elementary school education, middle school education, and high school education. This allows for students that are interested in getting a bachelor of teaching degree the option to specialize in a certain area of education. Once a student receives their degree they often prepare and may eventually sit for the state’s Board of Education certification exam.

Individuals that are interested in earning a bachelor of teaching degree will find that they will get a diverse education. The requirements for this type of degree vary depending on what country you are getting your degree in. However, many of the programs require that additional classes and coursework be taken. These extra classes may be pedagogy, educational psychology, educational policy and leadership and also curriculum development and lesion planning. Other common classes taken are social justice, special education, history, and assessment. The design of the bachelor of teaching degree is to allow students to have a diverse background in coursework that is related to the field of teaching*.

By having a well-rounded background of coursework, students may find a specialization not only in what level of teaching they want to do but they may also specialize in Music or Early Childhood.  A bachelor of teaching degree is not the same as a bachelor of education degree, as it is still a degree but is more similar to a graduate diploma of teaching**.

The amount of time that it takes an individual to complete their degree varies depending on the individual and the amount of coursework that they may take on at one time. Many of the programs are designed for three years but this may vary if an individual is only taking courses as a part time student or does not want to take the full course load***.  Depending on what area you want to specialize in your degree may take longer.  Many people take a full four years to obtain their degree. They may also have to take a practicum which may allow for them to get a feel for teaching and the experience goes towards their degree.



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