How to Earn a Bachelor of Multimedia Design Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Multimedia Design Degree

There are many rewarding and interesting jobs in the multimedia industry that await fresh graduates every year. Opting for a career in this sector is a wise move because the demand for graphic designers is always on the ever increasing end. The arrival of the internet has seen the growth of this industry improve of the last few decades with the digital media sector and web-based industry always thriving; this has seen many more job positions come up in the sector.

A Bachelor of Multimedia Design Degree is a course provided in several institutions of higher learning either online or on campuses. Depending on the student, mode of learning and the institution offering the degree course; it may last a duration of 3 or 4 years. It equips students with the right skills and knowledge needed to become professional production artists, designers, planners and implementers of multimedia projects that are highly complex and sophisticated*.

Multimedia design allows businesses to engage their clients whether they are looking to build an online corporate presence, design new interactive television platforms or even showcase creativity in the products being designed.

The Bachelor of Multimedia Design Degree integrates practical design application projects, theoretical lectures and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that students gain the skills and knowledge that may deem them relevant in the booming industry. The areas of study include sound production, animation, modeling in 3D, graphic design, color and composition, new media, topography, fundamentals of printing, internet authoring, interactive media design and development of games, among others**.

Industrial certification courses, internships and team projects (to promote team work) are also integrated in the degree program*. There are green pastures in the job marketing that the students may exploit upon graduation. Production coordinators, web designers, computer artists, assistant art directors, graphic designers and many other positions can be filled by graduates in a Bachelor of Multimedia Design Degree**.

In order to enroll for this degree program, students must have a diploma from high school with good grades, make an application to be considered for the degree and pay fees related to the application.



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