How to Earn a Bachelor of Marketing Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Marketing Degree

To earn a Bachelor of Marketing Degree you may need to complete a program at college, university or a business school. It is possible to do an Associate's Degree in marketing which would take only about two years to finish. To earn one of the four standard types of degree in marketing you would need to set aside three or years to complete these courses, depending on whether your program is accelerated in any way in order to complete sooner*.

In addition to the Associate's Degree in Marketing a student may complete a Bachelor of Marketing Degree, a Master's Degree in Marketing or ultimately a Doctorate in Marketing. The Master's degree must be taken after you have completed the Bachelor of Marketing Degree and may take a further two years to obtain*.

Most employees who work in the marketing sector may have at the least an Associate's Degree. However, if you are serious about a lucrative career in marketing in a very well paid position you may spend the six years it takes to complete the Master's degree at the very least*. So, what type of jobs does someone with a Bachelor of Marketing Degree usually carry out?

Many students that have gained their degree may go on to become Accountants or Account Executives where duties would include acting as a go-between for the company you work for and an advertising agency employed to market your business. You would normally have to build new clients and source fresh relationships, as well as keep current business relations with your company and outside contractors running smoothly*.

Someone that has earned a Bachelor of Marketing Degree may want to go into the public relations sector where your responsibilities would include communicating and handling public relations between your business and outside interests. You may also have to develop skills in public speaking, company press releases and talking to the media. All of these skills are often included in the course work when you take your Bachelor of Marketing Degree*.

Some of the best paid positions and employment outlook for someone with a Bachelor of Marketing Degree are in the field of marketing managers. A Marketing Manager may earn in excess of $115,750 with the right corporation and may be responsible for brand promotion, and identifying new markets, potential clients and business innovations to gain new customers**.



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