How to Earn a Bachelor of Journalism Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Journalism Degree

Journalism is perfect for those excited about the fast-paced world and the current events. With constant change and flow of information, journalists are required to have excellent communication and writing skills.  A Bachelor of Journalism degree provides students with the basic skills and knowledge needed to compose fine prints and quality professional articles to be published online*. 

Journalists are expected to be up to date with cutting-edge stories of all kinds surpassing political lines, natural disasters, controversial stories, crimes, etc.; they may either be local or international. Students studying journalism learn proper citation guidelines, how to determine private figures from public ones, avoiding slander, developing content for print and internet media and working with informants*. 

With the developments in technology, information and news may be obtained through blogs, websites and social media platforms, not just the traditional print media. The Bachelor of Journalism Degree may either be studied online or in campuses, with most lasting 3 to 4 years. Various courses covered under this program entail multimedia, media criticism, copy editing design, feature and magazine writing, writing and reporting for online media, editorial analysis and public opinion, mass media law, web design, marketing communication and public relations*.

Whereas students have the choice of selecting desired elective units, they must successfully complete core courses for them to graduate with the relevant degrees. Graduates may get jobs managing blogs, news campaigns and social media platforms upon graduating. Other career jobs they may take up include marketing management, print or technical writing, print, sports and photo journalism and broadcasting, among others**.

With readily available lucrative jobs awaiting graduates with a Bachelor of Journalism Degree, interested students must make applications to the colleges or universities of choice to be considered for a chance given they have met minimum requirements; they must have a high school diploma with passes in English and mathematics, pay application fees, make personal statements or write essays and submit relevant academic documents for verification purposes**.



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