How to Earn a Bachelor of Interior Design Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Interior Design Degree

Interior design is about decorating the interiors of buildings, such as homes, using creative, technical and architectural skills to come up with spaces that are not just aesthetically beautiful, but also very functional with a personal touch of the owners’ character and personality. The interiors must also be designed and decorated for comfort and safety.

A Bachelor of Interior Design Degree avails many opportunities for students to undertake a career in this field that includes not just decorating and furnishing the interior spaces of commercial and residential structures, but also designing and landscaping. The vast opportunities in the field allow those studying interior design not just to get employment, but also to set up their own businesses. In fact, almost 50% of interior designers across the globe work independently*.

The degree program is designed to help students gain proficiency in using technology and art to come up with interior spaces that are not just psychologically healthy and social in nature, but also meet the aesthetic needs of the occupants or owners. In order to be enrolled to this degree, students must have completed their high school education successful with good grades in mathematics and English, submitted an application and personal statements, paid fees for application and issued relevant documents that prove the same**.

The students get to study various course units during their academic years such as fundamentals of interior design, building systems and sciences, concepts of design, components and building of both commercial and residential structures through a unique combination of practical and theoretical units***.

Other more advanced courses undertaken within the Bachelor of Interior Design Degree are textiles, scheduling and estimations, finishes and materials, specifications and contracts, history of art, lighting and acoustics, laws of construction, documentation of interior construction and various studio projects in hospitality, space planning, institutions and commercial kinds. Comprehensive learning of these advanced courses sharpens the skills and creativity of the students*.

The degree may go for three or four years depending on the specific college or university of choice. Apart from passing all the core units, students must do a thesis project to demonstrate their understanding of the design concepts and technical aspects of the theories learnt in class, before they may finally graduate. Some of the career prospects in this field include interior design and planning.



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