How to Earn a Bachelor of Human Services Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Human Services Degree

The bachelor of human services degree prepares students for entry into a number of different careers related to the delivery of services to people such as helping those with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, drug addictions, as well as families and individuals who are facing crises. Human services are essentially social work, where the goal is to help guide people through difficulties by offering treatment options and solutions, while showing them how to access needed services. 

The coursework for a bachelor of human services degree emphasizes theories and principles for better understanding human needs and motivations. By having a comprehensive knowledge of the related subjects in this field, professionals may better deliver services to communities in which they work. Areas of study offered by most universities and colleges include child development, the criminal justice system, cultural studies, social justice, and management of social services. A degree typically requires between 125-135 credit hours to complete, which generally takes at least four years.  The curriculum tends to be interdisciplinary, and required courses are from various different subjects like psychology, sociology, communications, and more. The purpose of such a diverse curriculum is to fully prepare the student for employment into entry level work within the human services field after graduation*.

Common career choices for individuals who have successfully earned a bachelor of human services degree includes being parole officers, child advocates, community support workers, mental health support workers, and community activists among many others. Employment options in schools, hospitals, and community outreach organizations are also very common**.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, work for human services assistants is expected to grow by twenty three percent over the next ten years, a significantly higher rate of growth when compared to most professions in the United States. This is largely in part due to an increase in our aging population as elderly people are considered vulnerable and often in need of additional social services to live and function. Also, the shift from criminal punishment to treatment for substance abusers means greater opportunities for the providers of human services**.

The majority of those students who earn a bachelor of human services degree may start out as assistants in the field. The BLS reports that the average pay for such positions is around $28,850 per year. For those who obtain experience and pursue higher education down the road, however, the pay may be substantially higher.  Obtaining a bachelor degree in human services is a great first step on the long path to a lucrative, rewarding career based around helping people**. 



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