How to Earn a Bachelor of Homeland Security Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Homeland Security Degree

Bachelor of homeland security is an academic degree program that covers both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs. To take admission in graduate level course of Homeland security, you are required to be a science or arts student during your high school.

Many degree programs in homeland security were created and some existing ones were altered after the events of September 11, 2001. In fact, the Center for Homeland Defense and Security was established way back in April 2002. Even CHDS also offers its Bachelor and Master level programs in various disciplines of homeland security. The CHDS offered its first Master’s Program in homeland security in 2003. However, most of the homeland security programs are adapted forms of emergency management courses.

By obtaining a bachelor or Masters in Homeland security, students may make a career in the area of homeland security and related fields. Center for Homeland Defense and Security offers many attractive career options for those who really have keen interest to make a career in homeland security. There are other private, and state government agencies too that offer decent pay packages for qualified homeland security personnel.



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