How to Earn a Bachelor of Film Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Film Degree

A Bachelor of Film Degree is for the people who understand the word cinephile. They do not just spend most of their time watching and discussing various kinds of films, but also appreciate them irrespective of their genres; they could be movies, documentaries or even television shows. If you wish to write, produce, direct or even edit a film, this is the perfect course to enable you to initiate your career.

Universities and colleges offering this undergraduate course integrates theoretical learning, hands on experience through practical units and real world experience through internships and industrial attachments. The courses are covered throughout 4 years to ensure that all units are covered before a student may graduate with an honors degree*.

Several courses are to be taken within the four years such as the production, direction, editing and writing of scripts, among many others. Students are given the opportunities to do projects in small groups during their 3rd and 4th years; this helps them hone various skills such as team work capabilities, people skills, presentation and communication skills, and of course their ability to produce films**.

In order for the students to create a portfolio of what they can do, they are asked to create short television shows, films, reporting of an incident or trans media, as a project. Activities involved in the project include seeking of funding, pitching, writing and producing the film project; the students may also work closely with other group members to compare and contrast their work, for optimal results. The process is similar to that used in the real film making industry**.

While students study to discover their passion in filming, they also get to learn everything about business and craft, essential elements needed to succeed in this industry. Upon graduation, students may be in a position to use technology, produce content for media, write scripts and most of all create films. They also get to understand how funding really works and how to apply them across many social media platforms.

During the final years of studying a Bachelor of film, a student is able to choose a topic (s) of choice to specialize in. Some careers in this field range from producing documentaries and shows to films, and even undertaking cinematography as well as indicating editing of sound and or even editing the decision and the passion is yours*.



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