How to Earn a Bachelor of Fashion Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Fashion Degree

Fashion is all about style, timeless and trending designs, glamour and personality. A Bachelor of Fashion Degree integrates modern marketing techniques and runway fashion designs in order to keep up with the ever changing trends in the field. It is the students with a passion and interest in fashion that should take a career in this field*.

Various programs have been integrated into the degree program and comprise design in fashion, knitwear, textile, menswear and active sportswear, in addition to marketing and fashion merchandise, fashion journalism and styling and visual merchandising. Many online and campus-based colleges offer a program in this undergraduate degree. Students must have completed their high school diplomas successfully in order to be enrolled into this a Bachelor of Fashion Degree.

The course takes 4 years to be completed in the majority of the colleges that offer it. The degree programs are designed to guide students taking a career in fashion to develop top notch techniques, collections and distinct styles that they will later need in the industry while pursuing their careers. The fashion industry features various lucrative jobs that the students can undertake after finishing their studies**.

Careers in this field include fashion design, product management, pattern making, textile design, forecasting, store management, fashion journalism, fashion stylists, knitwear accessory design, fashion merchandising and marketing, cosmetics and fragrance, product development and store planning, among others*.

The students are also given an opportunity to gain hands on experience in the industry through industrial internships that are closely supervised to monitor progress of the skills learnt. Being an industry that is continuously booming, there is always a demand for fashion professionals to occupy the vacancies in the sector. This means that the students are sure to get jobs immediately after completing their studies in a Bachelor of Fashion Degree.



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