How to Earn a Bachelor of Criminology Degree

How to Earn a Criminology Degree

The field of criminology has emerged to be one of the most sought after field in today’s world. That is why more and more people are showing keen interest on taking up this field of study to enter in its field of work. However, before start working there are educational barriers which you need to cross. That is why you need to have a proper knowledge about the various aspects of which are involved in getting the proper degree to enter thing field.

How to earn?                            

The question now is how can you earn such a degree? Well, the first thing that you have to do is find out a proper collage which may provide you with this degree. Make sure the collage is renowned and has the proper affiliations. Also, before you take admission, check that they have the proper facilities for providing you with the best kind of education.

Educational requirements

If you are looking to take an admission in this course then you have to start by taking a B.A. or a B.S degree. Now, to get admission in the B.A of B.S degree the minimum amount of credits that is required is around 120. If you have a credit less than that then you may not be eligible for pursuing this course. There are mainly a few courses which consist and make up this field of education. This is mainly an undergraduate course but you may also pursue master’s degree which may help you in getting added advantage in your work field*.

The courses included

The courses that are mainly included in the study of criminology are that of abnormal psychology, criminal law, forensics, and statistics for social sciences, criminal psychology and sociology. Beside that there may be optional courses which may be related with the aspects criminal system and prison**.

The time taken for completion

The time taken for completion of this course is that of three or four years, and if you take up the masters then you have to go through an extra course of two years. The time period is not much and is just right for creating a strong base for entering in the job field.

What is the scope for the job?

Now, we come to the point where the scope in this field of work is needed to be discussed. The need of fresh minds in this field of job is quite huge. That is why you may be ensured that when you do the course you may get a good scope for work.



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