How to Earn a Bachelor of Animation Degree

How to Earn a Bachelor of Animation Degree

A Bachelor of Animation Degree is a course that may be taken at an undergraduate level. It enables students to gain skills and knowledge in various aspects of filming, story-telling and design. With this kind of degree, students may graduate to undertake various careers in the field of animation design. Some of the fundamental skills learned under this course are 2 and 3 dimensional designs, development of a story, design, drawing as well as color*.

Many institutes, colleges and universities across the globe provide various programs under this degree; whether they are online or campus-based. Being popular amongst students, they get to learn about background design, principles of animation, use of special effects, laying out of scenes, computer graphics, preparation of portfolio, story boarding, video editing, fundamental interactivity, character modeling, computer animation, modeling and rendering as well as lighting, among others**.

In order for students to be enrolled into a Bachelor of Animation Degree, just like any other degree, they must have a high school score or certificate or diploma. For this specific course, a GED would also do. Making applications, providing personal statements, payment of application fees and issuance of academic transcripts and certificates, are also part and parcel of the enrolment process.

Depending on the chosen college, the bachelor of animation degree can take duration of either 3 or 4 years for to be completed. With an annual salary of $30k to $100k, some career prospects in this field include story board, video post production, special effects and texture artists. The students may work in multimedia, web development, film and web design companies upon completion of their studies*.

Moreover, the students may further their education if they so wish for a masters degree and later doctorate studies. Whether one has a passion in animation or is just an enthusiast, they may consider taking up this study to initiate their search for a reputable career.



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