Best Paying Careers with a Bachelor Degree

Best Paying Careers with a Bachelor Degree

 A bachelor degree is must for getting a good job and to cater the ever increasing demand, a lot of colleges offer bachelor degrees across the world. A lot of companies hire young professionals and give them opportunity to grow in the field in which they are best acquainted with. Companies try to find competent and best suited professionals who may inculcate better skills with their experience. There are lacs of companies around the globe which require different professions as per their business need. Salaries offered to these professionals depend on the company, institution and competencies of the selected person*.

In this article we will talk about some highest paying bachelor degrees. Highest paying degree as per a survey is engineering followed by computer science, business and communications. This list is followed by Maths and Science, Education and humanities and social services. When we talk about particular bachelor degrees which are highest paying, they are**:

  1. Topping the chart is Petroleum Engineering in which the average starting salary is around $96,000.
  2. Next comes the Computer Engineering which fetches an average starting salary of not less than $70,300.
  3. These are then followed by Chemical Engineering where the average salary provided to a professional is $66,900.
  4. Computer Science is no way lagging behind with average starting salary not less than $64,100. It is considered as one of the most promising best paying careers.
  5. Next in the chart is Aerospace or Aeronautical also known as Astronautical engineering fetching around $63,900.
  6. Another core engineering which pays a whooping salary of $63,900 is Mechanical Engineering which pays salary at par with Aerospace engineering.
  7. Another prominent and promising profession is the Electrical or Electronics and Communication engineering where the average starting salary goes up to $62,500.
  8. Engineering Technology is one of the latest and one of the most liked bachelor degree where there is a descent average starting salary which $60,900.
  9. MIS short for Management Information Systems is a bachelor degree which is in great demand because of the use of MIS in decision making. The salary offered to these professional is around $60,300.
  10. Another bachelor degree which is in demand is logistics/Materials management which may fetch you an average salary of $59,500.

There are a lot more bachelor degrees which are high paying and are recognized. The list given above is based on different surveys but still there are many different careers which may get you very high paying jobs like medical and movies etc.



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