The Best Online Universities

The Best Online Universities

With the advent of computers and internet, it has become easier to study in any part of the world. There are several universities which provide online courses which in a way have brought revolution in the pattern of studying. These universities not only provide a degree but add to the confidence of people by making them able to study from any corner of the world where there are no bindings of time, place and material resources. Many students have completed their bachelor degrees through online universities. These universities are recognized and their degrees are considered at par with other regular institutions.

Some of the best online universities are*:

In US, Walden University is considered as one of the best online university offering various courses; there are around 46,500 enrolled students from 50 different states. Students from around 145 countries choose this university for studying. Around 80% of the students in this university are working or part time or self-employed.

After Walden University, Ashford University is considered as very good online university for various courses. It is ranked as 5th best online college by 86% of students rate quality of teachers as high or very high. It offers more than 50 degree programs.

Liberty University is another online university which is having a reputation, total number of students enrolled for various courses in this university is 80,000. It has been constantly maintaining its existence in top ten online universities.

After Liberty University comes Kaplan University, this is a part of Washington Post Company. It is fully online higher education. It was started in 1937, here the class strength is less and students get an opportunity to interact more with the instructor.

Another university which is not very old but still has made its place in top online universities of the world is Saint Leo University. Although it is catholic but it accepts online learners from all religions. It started giving education in 1990s and is considered as a good online university.

Online schools are in great demand by working people because the time may be chosen by the student as per his or her convenience. It is great for those who are working part time or full time. There are several universities which even offer free online courses and students across the world join these courses. One should be careful while choosing the online university as not every university is recognized by recruiters. Certification should be checked beforehand and reviews should also be considered.



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