Best Careers for Bachelor Degree Graduates

Best Careers for Bachelor Degree Graduates

There are millions of students graduating every year all over the world, although, some are employed and earning low wages while others who are also employed are getting huge sums as salaries either monthly or annually. But it is still documented that more than half of yearly graduates are unemployed.

While in search of a job, bachelor degree graduates tend to have upper chances of appointment in the best careers compared to uneducated persons and undergraduates students. Some career appointments attract huge sums as salary with allowances, while others are reasonably good.  

Generally, health care related bachelor degree sells. So our discussion is narrowed to art and social sciences. Below are a number of best career you can pick up depending on your field of study:

Insurance Sales Manager

The insurance sector is one of the improving sectors in the world with higher prospect in the coming decades. As record has it, it is predicted that the sector may experience increase up to 22% by the year 2020. This also predicts the need for professional managers who can strategically manage the insurance activities there by making a hot label in the list of the best careers for bachelor degree graduates.

Public Relations Specialist 

Although on the list of the best careers for bachelor degree graduates, the employment statistics for public relations specialist under both the self-employed and the corporate is relatively presented to be the smallest but this career has been predicted to have 23% growth rate by the year 2020.

Management Analyst

All over the world, the services of qualified management analysts are widely depended on for adequate decision making process both in private and government organizations, profit and non-profit making organizations. The career has been predicted for a 22% growth by 2020. This career has always maintained its position on the list of best career for bachelor degree graduates.

Computer Systems Analyst

For decades now, the growth rate in the computer sector in the world has been continuous without any pull back, which has made the career for computer system analyst red hot. This career has a projection of 22% growth by the year 2020. Elementary School Teacher This career remained high on the list of best careers for bachelor degree graduate. Over the years back, it has been the career with the highest number of employment. This career has been predicted to have a high number of retirements which tends to open up some positions for new teaching staffs. The growth rate predicted for this career is 18% by 2020.

Network/Computer Systems Administrator

Due to the massive use of technology appliances and tremendous growth in the computer sector, the service of network system administrators has been highly demanded by both independent and dependent IT companies worldwide. This career happens to pay huge especially with the independent IT companies and has the growth prediction rate of 28% by 2020. 


This career has always been red hot on the list of best careers for bachelor degree graduates. All over the world, the services of accountants and auditors are highly demanded by both private and government organization, profit and non-profit making organization for proper balancing of books and account which greatly influenced the management decision making. This career has 16% growth rate predicted against 2020.

Market Research Analyst

Every product company needs the services of qualified market research analyst both before production in order to determine the possible market for the product intent and after production. Due to high demand of qualified market research analyst, this career has always remained red hot on the table of the best for bachelor degree graduates. The career has been predicted to have 41% growth by 2020.        



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